3 cozy, delicious meal ideas for January

3 cozy, delicious meal ideas for January

After weeks and weeks of grey skies, we finally saw the sun this weekend—but as quickly as it appeared, it seems to be back to hiding again! These chilly January days can feel bleak, but they’re also a great opportunity to get cozy with your family and enjoy a delicious meal at home. Here are a few ideas—we hope that by the time you’ve tried a couple of these dishes, the sun is back and we’re seeing blue skies once again!

Roast chicken with mashed potatoes

A whole chicken is ideal for winter because it provides an exceptional meal plus great leftovers for homemade soup (don’t throw out those bones until you’ve made homemade soup stock!). We love that this type of cooking also fills the house with the scent of inviting, delicious homemade food. Here’s a classic roast chicken recipe from Julia Child—it would pair well with some creamy garlic mashed potatoes and a helping of buttered peas.

Beef short ribs with rice and vegetables

Our marinated short ribs can be prepared a number of ways including in your slow cooker. Like a roast chicken, this meal will make your house smell amazing as it cooks—you’ll be craving those short ribs long before the dinner hour! Serve them with rice and your favourite vegetables—a simple green salad works well, but we also like to pair these with roasted root vegetables, a stack of perfectly cooked asparagus, or a mix of sauteed onion, mushrooms and bell peppers. Our marinated beef short ribs are available in Korean BBQ and southwest flavours.

Pork tenderloin end chops

These tender, delicious pork chops are easy to prepare in a skillet, in the oven or even on the grill, if you want to get some fresh air before heading back into that cozy house! We recommend serving them with a great pan sauce and some roasted vegetables. If you’ve got fresh herbs on hand, use them on your pork and/or vegetables! It’s a hearty, comforting winter meal the whole family will love.

VG Meats has everything you need for your favourite cozy winter dishes online and in stores. Thanks for reading and for shopping local—stay warm and keep your fingers crossed for sunnier days ahead!