F.Dick Pure Metal Steak and Table Knife Set


Limited Edition Knife Set (all sales help support Team Canada in the World Butchers' Challenge)

The interplay of the blade material, cutting edge shape and handle design of the PURE METAL AJAX knife achieves an exceptional cutting experience with intuitive handling. The style of the blade took its inspiration from our successful AJAX chef’s knife. The exceptionally wide blade surface, and the curved and super sharp cutting edge of the PURE METAL AJAX guarantee a clean cut without sawing and tearing. The PURE METAL AJAX has also been designed with every type of food in mind, making it a true all-rounder and an eye-catching tableware addition. The steak and table knife use the same tried-and-tested steel quality as our premium chef's knives.

Set of 4 knives. Pair with the F.Dick Pure Metal Steak and Dinner Fork Set!