This Easter, treat your family to a delicious smoked turkey

This Easter, treat your family to a delicious smoked turkey

When you put high quality local beef, poultry or pork into a smoker, magic happens. You’ve probably tasted our deli meats, country style hams and all of our delicious varieties of bacon—those savoury, melt-in-your-mouth bites we all know and love—but have you ever tried a smoked turkey? If not, Easter dinner is the perfect time to give one a try (trust us—your dinner guests will be more than impressed). Here’s what you need to know about this limited availability holiday product.

Different and delicious

All turkeys purchased from VG Meats are high quality, locally raised and processed, and free from both added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. They’re tender, juicy, and make a perfect holiday dinner for your family. There’s a reason roast turkey is so popular at Easter—it’s a timeless, incredible meal. But if you’re ready for a change, we’ve got a great idea.

Our smoked turkeys are the same amazing local poultry you’ve always gotten from VG Meats, but slow-smoked to tender, juicy perfection. Because they’re smoked, they last longer in the fridge and can be prepared just like a ham—they’re cooked through, so you just have to heat and serve. These turkeys offer a unique, smokey flavour that will have everyone reaching for seconds (and maybe thirds). They truly are a showstopper!

Smoked turkeys take a bit of extra time and effort to prepare, so they can be difficult to find—but we’ve got you covered. This delicious product is available by pre-order on our holiday menu. Order now and you can choose from in-store pick up or home delivery within 30 kilometres of our retail locations in Simcoe and Stoney Creek. And, we’ve got all of the fresh vegetables, stuffing, gravy and prepared side dishes you need to make a complete meal.

Place your Easter orders now!

Whether you decide to try a delectable smoked turkey, go with a classic fresh turkey or cook up some prime rib or country style Easter ham, please remember to place your order as soon as possible. This will ensure that you get the product and quantity your family needs for the holiday weekend. Once our pre-order website has closed at the end of day on April 8th, a limited number of fresh turkeys, hams, prime rib roasts and other products will be available in store and through our Farm To City online storefront on a first come, first served basis. Thanks for shopping local this Easter weekend—we’re glad to be a part of your family’s holiday tradition.