Stay cool with summer meal inspiration VG Meats

Stay cool with summer meal inspiration VG Meats

The weather has been all over the place this summer: hot and dry, cool and rainy, hot and humid, and everything in between. We even saw hail one day in early July! Lately, the theme of the forecast seems to be “so hot you could cook an egg on your driveway,” so you know we’re thinking about meals that help us feel nice and cool. (Sorry, slow cooker — we’ll come back to you when it drops below 25 degrees.)

Here are some ideas for meals that let you stay cool in the heat of summer. Enjoy!

Caesar salad with grilled chicken or steak

Nothing could be easier (or faster to prepare), but this meal is always a hit. Simply grill your favourite steak or some boneless, skinless chicken breasts and make a hearty Caesar salad (psssst- the bagged kits work just fine, if you’re in a hurry). You can let your meat rest, slice it up and serve it warm or chill your protein before serving for a truly cool dinner dish. Don’t forget to add crumbled bacon for the full effect!

Chicken wraps with crunchy Julienne veggies

No recipe needed — just a few tortillas, some ranch or another favourite dressing, Julienne-style vegetables and sliced chicken (leftovers work great in a wrap). We love using cucumber, bell peppers, red onion and carrots for the julienned veggies, but anything goes. Feel free to add a handful of baby spinach or crunchy romaine lettuce as well! It’s a delicious DIY your family will love for lunch or dinner.

Cobb salad with chicken and bacon

Arguably one of the heartiest and most delicious dishes in the salad family, a Cobb salad includes tender chicken and crispy, smokey bacon alongside lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, avocado and other tasty elements. Here’s a great recipe from the New York Times cooking section, but feel free to improvise with whatever you have on hand. Yum!

Pork chops and watermelon salad

Grill up a delicious pork chop and serve it with this simple but oh-so-fancy summer salad by Jamie Oliver. The juicy, tender, savoury pork chop pairs beautifully with the sweet, fresh salad. Even if the pork chop is served hot off the grill, the chilled watermelon will cool you down. It’s a great side dish to impress your friends at a BBQ, too!

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