4 Irish dinner ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

4 Irish dinner ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here and we’re happy to wish the luck of the Irish to each and every one of you. No matter what your family’s background is, it’s time to put together an Irish feast and raise a glass as you toast Erin Go Bragh!

If you’re near Simcoe or Stoney Creek today, we’ve got plenty of delicious prepared dishes in store including our delicious Guinness Beef Stew. And if you can’t stop by and are looking for a festive meal you can make at home at the last minute, good news—many Irish meals can be made with simple ingredients like beef, potatoes or pork. Here are some Irish (or Irish-inspired) recipes to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish stew

Irish stew is often made with mutton or lamb, but we love this simple version with beef (and yes, a touch of Guinness). It’s just like the delicious, comforting beef stew you’d get in a pub! You can use several different cuts of meat to make this dish but to keep things simple, start with our stewing beef—it’s already cut into bite-sized pieces and is a tender, flavourful option that gets even better when simmered with carrots, parsnips and potatoes. Grab some soda bread or some freshly baked potato rolls to complete this satisfying meal.

Mini pork pies

This delicious recipe starts with ground pork and uses store-bought refrigerated pie crust to keep things simple. Each little pie is the perfect combination of savoury, buttery and flakey—everyone from young kids to grandparents will be coming back for seconds! These are great with a side of mashed potatoes, some green peas or a fresh, hearty salad. Consider cooking a large batch of mini pork pies so you have extras for the freezer!

Cabbage and beef dinner

If you don’t have time to prepare a classic corned beef dinner, consider this easy recipe instead. It’s fast and simple—plus, it calls for a lot of ingredients you probably have on hand already, like our regular ground beef. Beef with cabbage is rustic, inviting and super tasty—perfect for a relaxed St. Paddy’s at home on the couch.

Shepherd’s pie

There are different variations of Shepherd’s pie and cottage pie, including a delicious heat-and-serve option from VG Meats. If you’d like to cook an Irish-style Shepherd’s pie from scratch, you can go with lamb or as this recipe from the Irish Examiner suggests, substitute minced beef. And yes, if you use ground beef to keep things simple, we won’t judge. Just be sure to pair this with a good Irish beer (you know the one). Cheers, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!