Wholesale Butcher/Retail Meat Cutter

Location: Simcoe, Ontario

  • Positions Available: 5
  • Experience: Minimum 5 Years Experience
  • Working Hours: 42.5 hour/week
  • Starting Wage: $16.00/hour

Apply with proof of experience in person at VG Meats 966 Concession 6 Woodhouse Township, email careers@vgmeats.ca or fax (519) 426-0063.

Want to start a Very Good new career? We are now hiring & training a few Very Good people to become Butchers at VG Meats! Ok, so you’ve never cut anything bigger then a steak but you have the willingness to learn and work hard? We will train the right people who have incredible hand eye coordination, are physically strong and have a healthy respect but no fear in handling a sharp knife.

Here’s how our paid training works. First we hire you and provide you with all the safety and cutting equipment you need to get started. Then we introduce you to your two classrooms – one is actually the cutting floor of our plant where you’ll be doing all your hands on learning. The other is your classroom where we teach you things like knife sharpening skills, share videos of our instructors, do quizzes and best of all we eat some Very Good Meat!

We call our training Chop School and 90% of our graduates have achieved high honours. Chop School is about 100 hours of fully paid training. We have a mid term break so you can rest your body – yep, this is tough stuff!. We teach you in five key areas:

Safety, Speed, Quality, Attitude, Knowledge

Once you’re trained and pass your final exam, you are ready to rock in your new career!

More Details About the Tasks Our Butchers Do

Here goes: Use a grinder, slicing machine, band saw and of course a manual cutting utensil (aka: a knife!)

To apply send us your resume and write us a note about why the heck you want to be a part of the best meat team around. Feel free to brag a bit about yourself.

Email us at careers@vgmeats.ca with the subject line I’ve Got Chop!